Thesis: A study of the Female Experience through Still Life

With this project, I intend to perform a study of the collective female experience. What makes us women, how are our stories similar and yet unique, what makes up the stuff of the collective female psyche, etc, are just some questions I’m thinking about. Looking at contemporary feminist photography at this time, I find that when such questions as these are considered, the images accompanying them are always of women, of their bodies, exposed for any and all eyes to examine. Why do we always feel the need to look at women when talking about them?

While I ponder the answer to this question, I can’t help but feel the need to bring the concentration back to the words, the intricate minds we all have and the collective psyche I believe we all tap into, at one time or another. It is this great ocean of thought I want to investigate. At this point, I am working on collecting stories from the women in my life and beyond. Thus, I am asking you to take a moment and remember. What is a story from your life that taps into this shared story of all women? When did the world reach out and shape you a little bit more into the woman you are? Think that about that one chapter in your autobiography where you contemplate your womanhood and whatever that means to you – in relation to your character, your sexuality, your gender, or your body, etc.

We all have stories, especially ones like this. If you feel so inclined to share, feel free to get in touch with me or anonymously submit your story below at the bottom of the page. Your name will not be published or used with your story. If you do share a story with me, please know that you are doing me the upmost service in helping me build this project that I hope will shape the rest of my career. 

Below is an example of a piece I will create in conjunction with a collected story. The images will be presented in large scale prints alongside a handwritten copy of the story they represent. The juxtaposition of the image to the story is a device that will enable the viewer to deepen their connection to and understanding of the story. 




If you'd like to know more or submit a story, feel free to fill out the form below.